Community virtual hangout

I was thinking that it might be nice to have a virtual hangout session on the off weeks that the live stream doesn’t happen. Something where people can come online, chat (or listen). We can talk share projects we’re working on, or bounce ideas off each other, new people can come in and ask questions.

Would there be much interest in something like this? I think the 31st of July looks good. (I got my weeks when live streams happen crossed) Lets say 1500 to 1700 Eastern, since we have some Euro members as well?
Meeting will go live likely 15 minutes beforehand.


Maybe @Julien can join now since I got my weeks where live streams happen mixed up.
Or @Luke or @wmoy or @WillAdams


Reminder this is tonight. I could go over double sided machining a bit more in detail in Fusion if people are interested.


Gah - missed it!!! Next time!

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