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I apologize if this has ended up where it doesn’t belong.

I am running GRBL 1.1f and CM 4

I am calibrating the steps/mm so my SO3 will cut round holes and square pockets instead of oval holes and trapezoid pockets. I am entering the $100 and $101 changes to MDI and when i read back the log data I see the updated $100 and $101. When I read back the config data the change is default. How do I make a PERMANENT change to the config file, I want to change the default step size.

Thank you

The settings should be stored in the EEPROM on the board which Grbl uses for configuration.

After making the change send $$ to the machine to get the settings to the Log to verify. They should stay until one changes them or reflashes.

I’m afraid we don’t offer an option to alter the configuration which the machine sends.

Hi WillAdams,

So if I am understanding you correctly I will have to calibrate my machine every time by changing the 100 and 101 before i start to machining so i cut accurate features? Is this correct?


If you want the machine to cut feature sizes more accurately, you would do this step once, and it should be persistent until the belts are adjusted or replaced or the board is reflashed or the defaults are re-sent.

Thank you for the input I appreciate it. The fog is starting to clear :confused:

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