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I am having a similar problem 1.5 hours into a 3 hour rough cut. I do not have a dust collector and I suspect the cutter disconnect fault may be coming from my air compressor as I blow off chips during the cut and the air compressor comes on. I will try to plug the air compressor into another circuit. My question is there anything I can do other than run the whole rough cut program for the third time, just cutting air for the first 1.5 hours?

Contact us at about the disconnect.

You can edit the file.

If you must do this:

  • note what line the machine is currently sending (or determine where it was by measuring the deepest area correctly cut)
  • pause, then stop the job and shut things down
  • open up the G-Code file in a text editor
  • identify the preamble and copy it — see GRBL G-code definitions for the details of the codes
  • go to the line # noted above
  • scroll up from there until you find a move down from safety height
  • delete everything from the line above that line to the beginning of the file
  • paste in the preamble at the beginning
  • save under a new name


Thanks so much for your reply. I wish that I was an old veteran writing G-Code and then I would recognize the preamble code when I see it. Although I probably won’t do it on this job, I will do some experimentation with the G-Code file for the next time I run into a similar problem and want to save time. Thanks again.


Depending on your project, you may be able to disable some of the paths that have already been cut in and save a new file in carbide create.

Or if you’re cutting a massive pocket and the depth is already halfway to your target, you can set the start of the pocket to be closer to the depth that you’ve already cut.

Hope that helps?

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Thanks Professor Jon