Connection issues

(Chris) #1

Has anyone had a Garbel error. serial port . unknown error while running a program. It appears to disconnect from shapeoko . Have to turn power off and reconnect.

(William Adams) #2

Please see:

If you continue to have difficulties, please let us know at:

(Chris buentello) #3

i had the same issues and i took copper tape and wrapped the usb cable, power cable, the bundle going into the control box, the inside of the control box, i ran my router power cord opposite of the control box and it doesnt touch the cnc frame. This has pretty much stopped the disconnection

(Chris) #4

Right on. Didn’t even know there was such a thing as copper tape. Will need to find that to. Thanks for the suggestions.

(Griff ) #5

Other folks have eliminated disconnects by simply grounding the router.

(Justin D Hardy) #6

I had an issue with my XXL losing connection occasionally I plugged mine into a surge arrestor and have not had any issues since.