Connectors by homing switches

Are the extra connectors in the row where the homing switches connect functional, or for later use. I can’t seem to find a schematic or pinout for the controller board.

There are some links on this here:

I believe that they are labeled on the silkscreen — at least the one for probe ought to be.

Are there any annodated images of the carbidemotion v 2,4d board anywhere? Or is it connectivly identical to the v2,1 board which is imaged in your link? When I ordered some connectors from support they had to know first which version board I had, that is why I’m concerned about the imaged v2.1 and the unimaged v2.4d . Thanks Will

Thanks. I did look around for it but wasn’t having much luck. Like Grumpa said, an image with pinout would be a nice sticky in the forum. This touch plate was especially interesting, knowing there is an input for it. Thanks again

Sorry. This touch plate