Considering a Shapeoko 3 a few questions

I’m considering getting a Shapeoko 3, mainly for wood gear clocks. I’m thinking that it may be able to replace my scroll saw, but I’m not positive yet.

Once I make a dust boot (I’m assuming there are files out there to cut and go?) will I be able to keep the unit indoors? Is there a dust boot I could just buy and use? I have a dust collector, a CT26, and a shop vac.

I’m assuming I need the precision collet and the smaller end mills for gears. It looks like the precision collet is back in stock but I wanted to confirm.

I’d consider trying to use the machine for marquetry/inlay. The scroll saw is capable of double bevel marquetry … tilt the table 7 degrees stack your foreground and background and you get a perfect hit. It marquetry something I could do with the Shapeoko?

I’m not solely interested in the Shapeoko for my projects, I’m looking at it as a project in and of itself, I’m interested in learning the toolchain.

I thought we answered all those exact same questions on Reddit last week. Am I missing something?

Or was it a DREAM…

Oh this is new (my bad)

Info on spindles here:

specifics for the DWP611:

There are some questions on Reddit but not all, I wanted to hit multiple sources :wink:

Learning the toolchain should be covered here: