Considering selling my Nomad 833. Worth it?

Have had my Nomad 833 since July this year. Have used it mostly to learn how CNC works and to experiment a little. All wood, renshape and soft plastics. I’m thinking of selling to upgrade to a Nomad Pro. Opinions? Is it worth it for such a beginner?.

i love the design of the pro but unless you are doing a ton of harder materials, it should not make much of a difference. I do a mix of materials including Aluminum but will not swap my 883 for a pro.

I wondered the same thing, partially because I always like to have the latest and greatest tech :smile:

But here’s why I’m keeping my original nomad: I know my machine inside and out, I know exactly how it reacts to cutting different materials, and it does everything I need it to do.

I could be wrong but I feel like the nomad pro is like the iPhone 6S. It’s better than the iPhone 6, but is it worth upgrading? Personally, I’m going to wait until the next iteration of the nomad comes out - the iPhone 7 version :smile:

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Thank you guys for your opinion. Greatly valued. I agree with you. Until I learn more and I have greater needs, it should be a good machine to keep. Love the iPhone analogy.

I think @Darren has an excellent analogy - the iPhone 5/6 and 5s/6s. It’s “better” but no where enough to trade your 5/6 in - unless you’re an absolute have to have the latest kind of thing person.

It is not clear - at all - how much “better” the Nomad 883 Pro is over the Nomad 883… we just don’t have any posted data yet. I would suspect that it may be able to machine a bit faster and it will have somewhat improved repeatablity; it’s electronics and electronic connections a bit more reliable.