Considering upgrading my z-axis

Hello carbide community. I am considering upgrading the OEM z axis to the CNC4Newbes’ Shapeoko 3 Slider and was wondering if anyone here in the community has tried this product? Would also welcome any other ideas from the community about recommended upgrades.

I have one on my machine, there are at least a couple others.

  1. Depending on the exact age of your machine, you -may- need to increase the size of a couple of the clearance holes on the back of the new plate that mounts to the carriage. You won’t know until you put it together. To make them bigger take the router out of the clamp, put the base plate back on it, and use that with a 1/4" endmill to make them a little bigger (you’ll see what direction you need when you get there)
  2. This won’t be obvious until you put it together, but… There is a top and bottom screw hole that match up with the plate. There is also a left and right that don’t. According to CNC4Newbies, those two aren’t supposed to. If you do a little work you can make things work well enough to put an oversized bolt into them and take advantage of them.
  3. It works great.
  4. Don’t forget to change the Z axis calibration - should be 200 instead of ~40.
  5. It seems well built, has stood up well so far, I have about 30 or so hours of router-on time on mine so far, cutting wood, plastic, and a little brass.

Wow! Thank you. My shapeoko 3 is only two months old.

Hi, a couple of suggestions. Check this thread New Linear Z - Rev 2 - Now updated for easy tram adjustment and this one Looking at bringing a new Z axis to market

You will see the new Z I built following MrBeavers design in the first link. In the second you will see that MrBeaver is now commercializing his design. So, build or buy, your choice.

You may want to get a bit more experience with your stock machine before you start changing things up.


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