Continued Interruptions

Machine: Shapeoko 3 Running Carbide Motion V 1.12
Program: Fusion 360

I am currently running a large parallel machine operation. I have successfully run several of the operations. But I have had many interruptions. Some of the Errors are; arc length too short, repeated G-code, and a few others. I inspect the code but many times it errors at random. I am suspect of the static interference problem but I have put the system on a really nice surge protector, used a protected USB cord and have stopped vacuuming while it machined. I also changed computers. What point do I check to see if I need a new control board?
This project is a making a 3D Map which I sell, and I have people asking if I would make a larger one. I would like to upgrade to an XXL but I am concerned that the file size will be larger. (Current size is 4640 k) The operation consistency has been so erratic I am not sure if this would work for me.
Thank you for any information.

Please update to Carbide Motion 3 or 4:

If you continue to have difficulty, check the USB connection (some folks put a book down on the cable to ensure it won’t be jostled) — if that doesn’t help, contact us at and we’ll do our best to help you sort this out.

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