Control delay on Shakeoko 5

New user just got my new 5 pro up and running. I’m very impressed with the build quality of this machine. Packaging was great, everything arrived in one piece, and the machine was very easy to assemble. Now for my question. I’m noticing delays in jog mode, it is especially noticeable in the smaller increments. It seems almost random but I get a “busy” signal on the control as I jog them machine. the delay seems quite long. I’m wondering if this is normal or is this a sign of something else more control PC related? I’m using a Surface Pro 6 tablet. If its normal I’ll deal with it. I come from a machine tool background and have been using CNC machines for over 40 years so the delay seems odd.

It’s nromal-ish depending on what you’re seeing, and it can vary a little with keyboard, mouse, or touch input. We think we can improve it in the near future.


Thanks for the quick reply Rob.

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I use a fairly low end Fusion 5 tablet to run most of my Shapeoko machines. I’ve noticed that every time I get prolonged “busy” messages when jogging, that something is using up the processor power and slowing the tablet down. So check to make sure nothin else is running in the background and hogging up system resources.

For me, 9/10 time Windows is doing it’s 100’th update that week. :smiley:


That was what I was wondering. I’ve had the tablet for several years and for some time it was my main computer, probably need to dump everything on it.

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I use a RPi4 with a touchscreen & a Bluetooth wireless gamepad. I find that sometimes when I first go into ‘Jog’ mode that the response either doesn’t pick up or my input is delayed - possibly due to me trying to give it jog commands too quickly upon switching into Jog mode. After I start jogging it around, it’s usually very responsive with very little delay.

Sometimes however, when in Fast jogging mode, it will only jog in increments of around an 1-1/2" instead of continuously while an input button is being held down. No idea why that happens sometimes. Then I switch back to Run mode, go back to Jog mode, and it will Fast jog continously like it’s supposed to.

@Chaotica i had the same issue with Pi and TechKeys wired keypad until I updated to CM 622 and did and updated Bullseye. Then the problem went away.

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What is the min requirement for the PC running carbide motion? I see that carbide create requires 8Gig is it the same for Motion?

Motion is more forgiving. 4GB is probably ok but we say 8GB because that’s a sign that it’s not a bottom shelf PC if you’re buying something new.


What I think you are experiencing is controller lag. If you click the .001 increments too fast as the machine is moving, the move hasn’t completed and the controller gets confused as to your move.

For example: you click down rapidly for multiple moves and the screen says “busy”. The controller is not able to keep up with the queued multiple moves. So, the way to do the moves is to slow down a little and not hit so many rapid moves. If the controller goes into busy mode, just stop clicking on anything and wait. The controller will not move further in the busy mode, and will clear itself after a rest moment.

If Carbide 3D decides to increase the speed at which the controller can process then maybe, but I think it’s a good safety feature to slow a person down that is trying to rapidly move many ticks in a direction and are not counting the number and distance to go. If the machine would give every move at rapid inputs, then there may be machine crashes because the machine is still moving all the ticks that were input.

Slow and steady wins the race. Lol

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