Controller 2.4.e NC or NO?

Hello, I just finished building my Shapeoko 3 CNC. I can’t quite get my meter leads into the connector. Are the homing switches NO or NC? And is there a detailed documentation on the controller board? i wanted to add some more end stops. I suppose I can just splice it in, but was curious about the other pinouts. I coudln’t find much in the docs site.

Thank you

EDIT: OK, looks like I was looking in the wrong place (docs site). I’ll search here…looks like I should be able to find what I need.

There’s some discussion of this at:

The board is substantively the same as the opensource Stepoko

My understanding is that it’s the closing of the switch which signifies contact — one can use a jumper to close the Z-axis switch so as to upgrade to 1.1 using the Carbide Updater which requires pressing the Z-axis switch.

Thank you. I can wire my stops and NC or NO so I should be in good shape. Appreciate the response!

They’re normally open, wire in parallel. More info on the GRBL wiki.

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