Controlling 4 ShapeOKO CNC from one PC?

Is it possible to run multiple projects and control multiple CNCs from one software/PC


I would like to have one central PC that runs all 4 project’s/CNCs

Instead of having 1 PC per CNC

Short answer:


Long answer:

Maybe. If you are comfortable with running virtual machines you could try doing hardware/USB pass-through. It might work but it would be pretty janky.

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Cm is more than a gcode sender. Cm stores what config you send to A machine and uses that info for initialization and other functions. So if I hook up to an xxl and send config to xxl, disconnect and hook up to xl, cm still thinks you are attached to an xxl. I dont think cm allows multiple instances of cm to run. As Nick Wallace suggested virtual machines might if you have 4 usb ports and map them to the virtual machines.

I have bought used small form factor desktop Dell pc very cheaply on ebay. You could get a kvm to run all 4 pcs on one monitor. Keyboard and mouse. That might be easier than one pc with 4 virtual machines. Each virtual machine needs memory, cpu and disk space to run Windows although possible it would require multiple core cpu and lots of memory to run all vm simultaneously.


It’s not something which we support, and it’s not reliable in terms of Windows allocating USB ports consistently.

As noted, the best option here would be to purchase 4 Raspberry Pis and run CM on each of them:

and then use VNC or some similar remote software to control each.

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