Convert 3dmax object into GCode using MAXSCRIPT for Shapeoko Milling

i don’t know why the community blocks my old topic “Shapeoko CO2 Laser” but anyway today i’ll explain how to use maxscript to transfer any 3D model to generate GCode out of it.

Gethub Source Files:
you can view demo video here for the milling

Parameters Explanation:


Driller Size: this indicate the size of the cutting bit in mm, this used to configure the width of the paths
Moving speed: this to configure the GCode to move the head with mm/s speed
Driller speed: if your driller (spindle) uses TTL to control it’s speed -M command- this you could configure the driller to rotate at that speed (RPM).

For laser cut i’ll upload another video shortly


New user posting links I’m afraid. I’ve unhidden them. Do you have copyright permission for that image and its modification?

Full results shown below: