Convert XXL to plasma table?

“plasma” search here doesn’t bring up anything useful

I have a Powermax 45 and a compressor to drive it

Comments on feasibility of XXL as plasma table?

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I’m sure you would need to isolate the belts from sparks, especially the Z.
Plasma cutting specific software.
I’ve never used a cnc plasma, but years of experience doing it by hand.
I would guess it’s just 2D profiling toolpaths, only hovering however high off the work piece, Spindle start (M3?)and how long to pause (G04 P?) at the start of a cut, then how fast to feed.
But I’m sure there is software specific to Plasma cutting.
The extrusions are aluminum, so extremely hot sparks would embed themselves, but you shouldn’t get extremely hot sparks if it’s done right :slight_smile:
The dust though!
The V wheels are plastic, the belts too. The dust will be tiny, steel slag balls that will eat the aluminum extrusions, and the V wheels, but it would probably last a while if you worked at keeping it clean, and the plasma cut parts specs aren’t usually down to the .001" anyway.
The bed frame is steel, so no problem there, I wouldn’t think.
Edit: I bet some 1" steel floor grating would make an easy floor replacement.

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Folks have discussed it off and on — the problem is the EMI — you’ll need to work out how to shield the electronics or replace them with something which won’t have that problem.

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All good points, thanks.

I would of course build a water tray underneath

For the splatter above the work piece, I was thinking of a metallic cylinder, a skirt around the torch.

That would leave the EMI, which I don’t think would bother the electronic control box but the wires from the box to the motors, etc would need EMI shielding.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments, much to think about about.


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