Converting graphics JPEG, PNG, SVG files for Shapeoko

What are ways of converting standard graphics for use on a Shapeoko? I want to use a diamond drag bit to put graphics on metal.

SVGs, so long as they are vectors just import.

Pixel images can be traced or re-drawn or auto-traced.

MeshCAM Pro has included MeshCAM Art functionality for a while, so can create G-Code directly from a pixel image. Other options include F-Engrave and Vectric Vcarve. Also see:

The community has notes at:

Thanks for the info Will. There is certainly no lack of resources for Shapeoko. I think I made the right choice of machines to learn and grow on. Now I just need a week or two to decipher all this information.

Have you personally used PixelCNC? Looks like a great program for only $60.

Thanks Again

I watched the PixelCNC video and am really tempted to hit the buy button. Carbide Motion is only good for 2 and 2.5D correct. What is the recommendation for a 3D motion controller that works well with GRBL1.1?

Answered at: What is the best low cost or free motion controller software for 3D

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