Converting questions

Hello…New user here with 2 questions:

I downloaded a svg file, and I want to know how do I shrink the logo? It’s a Corvette logo, but is shows up being HUGE on my XXL layout. How can I make it 12" x 18" or so?

Secondly, my spindle doesn’t seem to lift high enough to change the tools when I’m prompted to do so. Can I raise the spindle without losing my position on the project? I have been stopping the program, then going into Carbide Create to disable the already cut toolpaths, then resetting the G File, and then resetting all the zero’s in Carbide Motion. Seems like the long way around to get to what should be a simple tool change.


Select the geometry which you wish to scale, then click on

Design | Scale | Resize 

(first icon, 4-sided arrows)


For toolchanges we recommend using separate files and re-homing in-between:

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