Copy and Paste between projects

My son created a highly complex project and to help speed up the process we duplicated the file and worked on different areas, I worked all to the pockets he worked all of the text and trace cuts.

But we need to transfer an element in one file to the other but since Crt-C does a direct copy, the element is not stored in Memory and I can’t get it to transfer from one file to another.

What I have tried so far.

I have opened carbide create twice, in each program I opened the two files.
I copied the element in one window but as most of you know it created the duplicate instantaneously
but doing the same Ctr-C in the other instance does not replicated it there. Neither does Ctr-V
I tried a windows cut Ctr-x which removed it but Ctr-V and Ctr-C in the second field did not work.
I made a duplicate file and erased everything but the elements I wanted to copy Hoping I could SAVE_AS an SVG or DFX. Nope SAVE_AS only allows you to rename the file not change its extension or export it to a different file format
I tried pasting the cut element into a DFX or other vector file like MS Visio or Inkscape. No Luck
I have read articles about conversions on web sites, or downloading a 3rd party merge program, but I like my computer with out ransom ware and with out propagating my email to 100,000 advertiser. Anybody know some trick I may have missed that does not require a down load or www. address?

You can export SVGs from Carbide Create and re-import them.

There is a 3rd party utility which will allow you to import files into other files:

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Thanks William, But I was trying to stay away from 3rd party add in’s right now. I was hoping there was something I missed in the program that would allow me to transfer an element from one program to another. I may just reimport the SVG and make my corrections like I did in the other copy. it is time consuming doing the first one but is replicable to install every where else in the design.

I’ve cut/copied and pasted several items from one svg file to another file. Just select the item to copy.
Hit ctrl-c then ctrl-v in the other svg file. Then move it to where you want it to go. Once I had the file
the way I wanted it. I opened it in carbide create.

This was mentioned in the requirements for the new version of Carbide Create but I don’t think that it was even considered. Unfortunately most other programs have this ability.

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