Copy and paste in CC

Is there an ability in CC to copy and paste? I want to drill many holes in my spoil board for clamps. I hope I don’t have to create every one of them.

Yes, You can copy and paste in CC. Highlight the item or series of items you want to copy. Press Ctl C and a copy of the drawing will appear slightly to the right and above the original items. They will now be highlighted, pres and hold the left mouse button to select them and drag them to the new position.

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Doesn’t look like you reviewed the training videos. I highly recommend them.

@jterry8112 thank-you for the great information. I’ve watched videos until my eyes blurred and it all became noise. The sheer volume of new information is sometimes overwhelming and your tip was exactly what I needed also. Kudos to you!

Thank-you gentlemen. I had hoped there was a simple way.