Copy object from one file to another

Wondering if it’s possible to copy an object from one project into another project. So far, it seems like you have to recreate the wheel if you’re looking to duplicate an object into a different file.

You could save a file with geometry which you want to re-use as a template and re-open it.

Alternately, you can merge two .c2d files — EDIT: while there was a utility for this as noted in: Ruler in Carbide create - #33 by ClayJar

As @ebr and @GJM have noted, since this thread was initially posted, Carbide Create has gained the ability to export SVG files, and to import .c2d files.

Yes as Will said, it takes a bit of work.
First, take the file where you have the element you need to copy and save it under another name;
Remove (delete) all other elements in that file (keep toolpaths related to the element that you want to save);
Open the merge program;
Load your new project file;
Load the file containing the item you wanted to copy;
Press the Save the merged file button;
Open the merged file in CC.

Everything should be there including any toolpaths associated with the object you wanted to copy.

This is a great utility adding a lot of functionality to CC. Great work Nathaniel @ClayJar

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Select all of your project. Deselect the part you want to copy. Hit the delete button, so everything else disappears. (Don’t worry, you can Control-Z to undo this delete after.) Go to FILE, then select Export SVG. Save it. Go to your other project and import the newly created SVG. Done.

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Also…the new version of CC (Beta - currently at 632), has an import c2d capability - that will import an entire c2d, along with the toolpaths. It works great and even supports importing hidden layers.

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