Copy Tool Setting from GWizard on a Mac

I posted this over on GRZ Software forum, and the moderator suggested I post it here…


On the PC, the Copy Button appears when you have Copied a Tool from GWizard, but on the Mac that doesn’t seem to be available any more. Am I missing something or has it moved somewhere else for the Mac, it was a nice feature and helped me not copy values across incorrectly.


New Nomad user here. I have G-Wizard and now that you mentioned it… it doesn’t copy!

I was busy and didn’t pay too much attention but you’re right. This should be fixed!


I checked that gwizard it putting info into the clipboard as you can paste the information into a text editor. Meshcam doesn’t seem to be recognizing it. I’ve verified that it works on PC…what’s the process for creating a bug?

It is annoying that this still isn’t fixed. :disappointed:

I’m having the exact same issue on a PC. Fresh install of Meshcam and GWizard just last night, I get no button in Meshcam. Tried in both Meshcam 6 and the newer Meshcam 7 beta. Have looked around and this is the only place I’ve seen it mentioned, but not on a PC. Anyone else?