Copy toolpaths in Carbide Create?

Is there a way to copy toolpaths in Carbide Create? For example if I am cutting out a bunch of coasters, I set the toolpaths for the first one, but when I copy the first one to put more on my wood board it doesn’t copy the toolpaths just the lines. Is there a way? Seems tedious to have to set the same toolpaths many many times.

Rather than do this, my suggestion would be to do a step and repeat, either w/ a utility, or use a comm / control tool which allows G92:

Surprised there isn’t a utility for this.

If you find the above confusing and would be willing to share your file (post it somewhere, or e-mail it to me at ), I could work up a tutorial using it.

Thanks for the links, I guess I am finding it confusing :confused: It would be great to have a tutorial and maybe others could benefit as well, but don’t go out of your way. Which file would you want?

The G-code file, once you’ve proved it out by cutting an exemplar.