Copying along Vectors in Carbide Create

Is it possible to copy along Vectors in CC as you can in VCarve Desktop?

I have been playing around with the trial version of VCarve Desktop making a crib board file like the CNC Nutz Video 14 on You Tube. Got the idea for copying all the holes down fine but I dont have a working copy (and cant really afford it yet) and Id like to try actually cutting a board. The trial copy wont allow me to save toolpaths.

Next challenge to do something similar with an Aggravation Board game…maybe Peter Pasuello (CNCNutz) can be persuaded to do a video on that too as I have not been able to find an existing video so far.

I’m afraid Carbide Create doesn’t have a feature like that at this time.

Easiest thing to do is to draw things up in a tool which does support that, say Inkscape, then if need be do Path | Object to Path (or the equivalent if need be) and save as an SVG and import that into CC.

Alternately, use a programmatic tool such as Metapost:

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