Corner Jig w/ Bitzero cut out

I do a fair amount of repeating work and use a corner jig to speed work piece setup along. File is set up for 1/2" thick, and I’d recommend a 12" x 12" piece of material. Holes match up with hybrid table and the uses the t-nuts and screws that shipped with the machine. You’ll want a 1/8" cutter for this, 1/4" is just to big for the screw holes.

Corner Jig.c2d (36.9 KB)


This is right up my alley for the work I am doing.

How do you hold your piece down on the lower left? I have had issues where my parts come up while cutting.

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Double faced tape on the corner. Search for “banner hem tape” you can find it on Amazon. It’s thin and super strong.


This might work. Added a pocket to fit the green work piece clamps. Untested so check the file before hitting the go button. If anyone does decide to make this, let me know how it works.

Corner Zero Hold.c2d (55.1 KB)

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