Could dust cause damage?

Hello. I appreciate dust collection is something normal however considering the machine doesn’t come with dust extraction out of the box, in the short term will it cause damage to the machine? I’m seeing quite a lot of foam particles and wood particles all over it, including the rails - there is only so much I can do by hand with a vacuum.

I’m getting a SuckIt dust boot but it hasn’t arrived yet.

Should I stop and wait for the boot?

Folks have used the machine extensively w/o dust collection, and the Nomad doesn’t have any and not many are set up for it.

Vacuum it off as often as is reasonable — you will probably eventually see an accumulation of debris ground onto the rails, and offsetting onto the V wheels — just wipe it off the rails w/ a damp cloth (being careful to avoid getting the belts wet if using anything which might damage them), and a cotton swab works well to clean the V wheels.


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Oh great, thank you, I will worry less.

Before I had the SuckIt dust boot, I would have the vacuum in my hand to pick up as much as I could while the Shapeoko was operating then clean up right after. Some material including exotic species of wood, MDF, composites can be very irritating and will get into everything. I use the air gun on my compressor one in a while to blow the dust out of little crevices of the Shapeoko and in the router vents. If you have stuff that is particularly traveling, you may also want to consider putting a sock over the top of your router to stop most of the dust from getting inside. There are also covers available to go over the V wheels of the Shapeoko.


Thanks Luc - I have high hopes for the dust boot so hopefully it will be less of an issue soon.

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