Couldn't find the G-code button

Got a file ready to carve, did my toolpaths but then couldn’t find the button to write my g-code file. I just downloaded Carbide Create a few weeks ago. My computer is using windows 10.

In the new v7 there is no writing out G-code (unless one has Pro) — instead one can just save the .c2d file, or use the “Save Toolpaths” button to write out the current state of the .c2d file.


So carbide motion can open the .c2d. file and run the program?
The tutorial I was reading said to use the g- code button. I did realize that was with pro, but sure couldn’t find any other answer. Kinda of confusing. Thank you for clearing this up.

Starting with v7 CC they encrypt the gcode into the .c2d file. All machines that can use Carbide Motion can read the .c2d file with the gcode inside it starting with versions of CM (So use the most current version of CM). If you have a 3rd party machine you can still get v6 CC and write out gcode. If you license the pro version of CC you can write out separate gcode files. However CC Pro is for mostly 3d modeling but 3rd party users would need to buy the pro to produce gcode files or stick with v6 CC for their 3rd party CNC machines.

Thanks. Ill try running carbide motion this morning.

Note that Carbide Motion only connects to machines made by Carbide 3D.

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