Couldn't resist

Shipping companies are not loving C3D or me apparently. UPS managed to partially destroy one of the two boxes on my pro. They taped it back up and tried to make it look like “new”. What I didn’t realize was that in the process they didn’t include the end caps box.

When I realized this I reached out to support and got a very helpful and fast response. A few days later my replacement was sent via FedEx overnight. FedEx has managed to turn overnight into a service that now rivals USPS book rate. The box has barely moved and I have no idea when it will reach my neighborhood.

SO… I just pressed on. I hope I don’t regret it, but I assembled as much as I could without impeding my ability to square the machine. It appears that my connectors seem to be wired correctly. I am hoping that I haven’t painted myself in the corner for doing this.

Any ideas of how far I can build before I get into trouble?

The worst-case is you have to disassemble some parts to get the endplates installed — FWIW, I lost count of how many times I disassembled and rebuilt my Shapeoko 1 — it will help you to understand the mechanics of the machine.

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It’s been a lot of fun putting it together. The instructions are very good and the design is logical so it’s been pretty intuitive. If I have to take things apart it won’t really be a big deal.

Would assembling the hybrid table be a problem for when I square it up later?

I wouldn’t fully tighten them — first step when squaring up is to measure the diagonals and nudge things into square before fully tightening.

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