CRASH! Help! Spindle hits front of machine

So, I installed a bit setter and it works beautifully. The I finished wiring my brand-new spindle and VFD. I programmed the parameters on the VFD and it seems to work well, it’s controlling the RPM via Gcode and all :slight_smile: Then it all goes South in a catastrophic way. I home the machine no prob, it then sends the gantry to front and center for tool change, I click continue and it lines up with the bit setter and probes successfully, goes back to front and center, the spindle spools up and lowers the Z below the hight of the metal frame of my ShapeOko and proceeds to try to go to 0,0 and crashes on the table. WTF have I done wrong?
Thanks again everyone

To debug things like this, let us know step-by-step:

  • what you did
  • what you expected
  • what actually happened

Usually it’s a disconnect between how you have your job setup: and how you have the zero defined relative to your stock:

If you continue to have difficulties let us know at and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

what application generated your gcode?

it almost is like your software goes to the Z before going to the 0,0 for X,Y
instead of first going to 0,0 for X/Y and THEN going to the proper Z

I use VCarvePro (and have for years) and then go to Carbide Motion, I have noticed some odd behavior with the bit setter. It seems to get the tool height before asking me to set Z,0
I dunno Uggggh

the latest post processor should work well with bitsetter…
paging @neilferreri

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ok so the carbide motion flow with bitsetter is pretty much

  1. turn on machine
  2. make it home, it will measure a bit as part of this with bitsetter
  3. Now you zero you work
  4. if you need a different bit use the CC UI to ask for a bit change, do not just do it
  5. Load file and “run” “start”
  6. CM will measure the bit again
  7. turn on spindle based on dialog
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I had the wrong Z Plate selected in the set up. Doh!


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