Crashing/Slipping all the sudden

Among a few other issues going on at the moment (bad board not registering Y2).

I’ve been running some programs today and i’ve had a few times where the bit has just crashed into the piece and then getting stuck and all the fun noises that go along with it. It’s only happening i think on the dado toolpath which is using a 3/4 plunge bit. I’m only plunging .25, i just updated all my tooling to only plunge .1 just in case the VFD for some reason isn’t powerful enough to drive a 3/4 and cut .25 depth.

That being said though, it randomly plunging into my work piece on it’s way to the next cut makes no sense to me. I’ve checked for loose ball screws or motors or anything else.

Additionally is there a parts diagram that show the location of all the screws on the HDZ? I had a small black one randomly fall out on to my workpiece and i cannot figure out where it goes, i what know what type of screw it is, but have no clue where it actually goes. I don’t see anything missing, but then again there are a TON of holes/spots on the HDZ.

Thanks in advance.

Hopefully C3D will get it together. A few people have complained about loose screws. Maybe it is like not wanting a car made on Friday. Everyone is thinking about the weekend and not what they are working on Friday. There are a lot of screws on an HDZ and it will likely be one that you cannot see from the front. Just dont take the HDZ apart. The bearings inside the rails will all fall out and scatter never to be seen again. Try jogging it all the way up and all the way down to see if you can find out where it came from.

My XXL Pro has been a great unit. Never found a loose screw when I check it every three weeks. Only issue was a wiring issue with the “Z”. The issue was from the supplier.

I don’t like to see the issues people are reporting. Maybe QA needs to step up a notch. I have seen many people here and facebook that have had no issues. We see the problems like a flashing neon sign. As we know C3D is a great company. Hope the problems go away.

I’ve had a number of loose things in only a few weeks. I’m missing some screws that clearly have fallen out on the Y proximity sensors, unless there is only supposed to be one holding it to the bracket. I get things get loose, maybe I just need to put lock tight on every screw.

Down time is frustrating when you are running a business, as long as they stand behind the product I have no issues. They are clearly a small company though. I bought because people said they had good support and I didn’t want to wait 2 months for a Onefinity.

I do regret buying the VFD, I should have bought a different VFD that’s more powerful with a ER20 collet.

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The new tooling settings on the 3/4 seemed to have worked, or i just got lucky :slight_smile: Was able to finish out the 4x8 sheet, but i have another one to do today so hopefully goes without any issues.

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