Crashing when saving GCode

Of course a last minute scramble for a Christmas gift is not the time to learn, but here I go. I am trying to create a 3D wavy checkered flag for an uncle, and every time I try to save a finish 3d path gcode create crashes. Now I was having the same issue rendering the tool path and shrank the flag size down, now approx. 16x20. Any tricks I’m missing? it would be a shame not to be able to do these types of files, because that was the whole reasoning for upgrading to create Pro. The computer I’m on was bought to run CAD and REVIT so surely it should be capable to render these toolpaths and gcodes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

small sign finish 1.c2d (861.1 KB)

What version of Carbide Create are you using?
I was able to get it opened and saving gcode using build 623
(took a long time to generate the toolpaths and to save the 82mb gcode file)

On my computer it didnt seem to max out any resources, just took awhile to make it happen. And my rig is built for gaming and VR.


Yes, same experience here, it did work but it took a very long time to compute the toolpath and then generate the 82MB gcode file.

A finish pass for a 16"x20" with a 1/32" endmill at 0.006" stepover is going to generate a very large number of gcode statements (with CC estimates at 265minutes to run…), apparently CC struggles with that but I also think that you would get away with a larger stepover anyway (2x at least), if this is wood you are carving. Or even 4x and a little manual sanding, considering those are smooth curves you have there.

Also, if you have a tapered endmill (which is infinitely harder to break than a 1/32" endmill), you would be able to double that feedrate and cut the runtime accordingly.

It may still be interesting to send that file to and mention that it takes forever to compute, they would be in a position to tell whether that is to be expected at that stepover, or if there is something sub-optimal in CC.

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Thanks for the save. I cut the stepover in half and it worked. I remember trying this when it was 22x28 and it wasn’t enough to keep it from crashing but it did work on this one. Thanks for the quick responses and help.

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