Create build 474 will not import dxf

Previous build imported DXF with no problems. Current build 474 only imports SVG.
Problem with SVG (TurboCad 2017) is it does not export size as; it scales the file down.
Which means that the precision of the DXF is lost. I have to calculate the upscale. This leads to a loss of precision.
Quite frustrating.
Can Carbide explain the decion to not support DXF?

Please send any such file in to us at or post it here and we will do our best to look into it.

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The only change to DXF handling in the past few releases is to try and make Carbide Create compatible with files that users have submitted. It hasn’t been removed and it won’t be removed.

Like @WillAdams said, post any files that don’t work and we’ll take a look.


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