Create on one computer carve on another

(Harris Gottlieb) #1

Please don’t hold it against me but I am a new user of an X-Carve machine. I’m going to try Carbide Create because it does more things than Easel. My first question is very basic and I probably know the answer. Since Carbide Create does not use the cloud am I able to create my project on my computer in the house, save it to a SD card and run on my computer in the garage?

(Jose Prieto) #2

If it’s what I do, also CC on Mac, CM on Windows in other computer .

(Griff ) #3

In addition to @JoseD3 recommendation if you have WiFi, and if you have a home network setup with your garage and home computers then you can directly access the cut files on your home computer from your garage computer. That’s what I do, anyway.

Have fun with your new machine!

(Daniel Loughmiller) #4

Yes. There’s two relevant files in fact. The C2D file is what carbide creates which has all your geometry and toolpaths and such. From there you generate a gcode file ( I think the extension is still .nc) which is what Carbide Motion uses to run the machine (really what any gcode sender uses to run the machine). So you don’t even technically need CC on your controller pc. How you get the file from A to B is entirely up to you. As Griff said a network share is pretty simple to setup but usb keys, sd cards, dropbox or any cloud sharing service are all good options.

(Daniel Loughmiller) #5

Oh I’ll add I usually like to have CC on both computers because I’ll often be measuring stock for precise thickness once I get into my shop. When designing I just use nominal thickness. E.g. I’ll design something for a 3/4" board assuming it’s .75" but the one never 3/4" stock NEVER is is .75". So in my shop before generating the gcode I’ll measuring it and adjust things to .755 or whatever the real measurement is.

Unfortunately CC lacks the ability to set a toolpath to ‘bottom of stock’ and then just adjust the thickness, need to edit each toolpath.

(Mark Walker) #6

Can you use Carbide Motion with an X-Carve? I thought it checked to make sure it’s talking to a Carbide Machine.

And then CC generates files that only CM can get the gcode out of them. You can copy and paste the gcode with CM, but only after connecting to a Carbide Machine. Right?

(William Adams) #7

While that was once the case (Carbide Create generated .egc (encrypted G-Code) files), newer versions now make plain text G-Code which can be run on pretty much any machine.

(Scott Conant) #8

along the lines of what Griff said…I like to save my files from my laptop upstairs to Google Drive or Dropbox, and go to the basement to open them from my computer down there and run my jobs right from Drive or Dropbox to my CNC