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Perhaps I’m asking for more than can be explained her. I can not figure out how to use a grayscale image. I converted it to a .png then grayscale. When I import it, I can get it to fit my square(though not really how I’d like) with the xy scale. but the background doesnt fit. It recognizes the background as a dark gray area, and that doesn’t fit the desired space. Can I remove the background somehow? Can I move the ivy to fit where I want? Why is it so rough looking? I set the preview to highquality. The image looks smooth, but it looks like crap. Is it the image? Maybe I converted it wrong. I looked at another question about removing background here and Will suggested Microsoft 3d builder. but with that, I cant save it to any file type that CC will recognize.

That’s a lot I know. But I am thoroughly lost. I watch video after video on CC pro. but in everyone, they select an image, put it in and everything looks great.Ivy lid.c2d (233.7 KB)

Part of the problem here is that it’s not a true depth map — you want the leaves which are below the vines to be darker than the vines and the leaves on top to by lighter (or vice versa) — do you have a vector version of the image?

ivy border1

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