Create won't open. Blank Screen. Not responding

I am having an issue where Create will not open. I have a multi monitor setup and from time to time Windows will move apps around when waking from a sleep. Not sure if that is related, but I have found that if I delete pos and windowGeometry from the settings file, it opens again.

Here are those values from the last time I removed them.

pos=@Point(-1532 205)


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Just had this same issue. Tried every solution I could find online and the only thing that worked was to:

Create a new guest windows profile on my pc.

Then make it an administrator

Then redownload carbide create.

It works perfectly on that acct and still won’t open on my main account. No idea what software issue causes this but hopefully this helps.

*It will try to make you enter a windows account when you setup the new account but you can skip that step if you want.

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