Created my aluminum fixture with S3 and Nomad Pro

I created this fixture and ran it through the S3 to rough then Nomad for finishing.

The slots were off by 0.3mm due to the S3 overcutting. I’ll adjust the meshcam settings to leave 0.75mm of stock vs 0.5mm to compensate the overcut.

Still useable :slight_smile:


Looks cool, what’s it for?


Could you please post the alloy specifics, the RPM, feed and plunge rates you used? Rough and finish passes?

Is it for a vacuum?


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im making wooden utensils. This will help me make multiple copies per run.

6061 alum,

gonna list in inches and mm :smile:
rough on shapeoko3: 25 ipm, 0.3mm doc, 150mm plunge
waterline finish on nomad: 8ipm, 0.3mm doc, 150mm plunge
parallel finish: 4ipm, 50mm plunge (i had to slow it down to this because my plunge got stuck)

I left 0.5mm on the stock but next run will be 0.75mm so the roughing won’t over cut.

has nothing to do with a vac

were you being conservative with feeds on SO3? I’ve seen it chew through 6061 at 1500mm/min and 1.5mm doc?!

yup was being conservativd. i ran 1.5mm and sometimes it would chatter and jump causing it to over cut and lose its x or y position

Yeh fair enough, if you look in the video on youtube posted by Carbide 3d there is minimum amount of endmill sticking out of the collet and i presume they are suing the upper set of mounting holes for the spindle which apparently helps. Perhaps some z axis stiffening too?!

i mounted my dewalt on the upper holes. setted shortest length end mill from collet. there is still some chatter coming from the z plate flexing.

hmmmm what endmill you using? I have seen some mods where people have attacked vertical steel bars to Z axis plate

using a 1/4 2 flute carbide non coated