Crib board- peg hole memory overload?

I am a relatively new Shapeoko 3 owner. I call myself a rookie. I am trying to do a simple 3 peg rectangular form cribbage board. The Carbide Create does not appear to have the capacity at the toolmark stage to complemte the processing before a "not responding " error message takes over. Does anyone have a work around, svg file that works, or another option. I hate to say it but this is one time consuming and infinitely expensive crib board. I have everything working fine until the peg holes are added. It is difficult to play crib without the holes! I have completed most o the beginner projects. I don’t think I am brain dead.

Please try the following:

  • don’t group the holes
  • select one hole and assign a toolpath
  • save
  • select two holes and assign a toolpath
  • save
  • select 4 holes and assign a toolpath
  • save

repeat that pattern until the program can’t manage — kill it off and reload the just-saved file, then carry on with the # of hole selections which worked.

Please send the file in to and we’ll see if we can have a developer look into it.

Alternately, if you know where the holes should be and on what spacing consider using a programmatic tool or generator for them:

I just made an oval Cribbage board
If you want to go around 2 times to make to complete you game then you need to do this.
You need 4 rows of 30 holes plus a space in between 5 holes for two people to play,put some space between each of the holes.
So design it with 36 holes in each row. Then delete every 6th hole and that will
give you 30 holes it a row. Then select all and group them together, copy and paste 3 more rows where you want them to be on your board. In between the 2 rows make some aspace for 2 holes side by side for your start holes.

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You could google svg cribbage boards and you will find a lot of them. to down load. But I think that learning to design is almost as satiffying .

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Thanks Jeff,
My plan for the board allows for 3 players and 1 loop around the board. My biggest issue has been creating the points for the rounded counting corners on each end. You are right that the solution is very satisfying when you get to it. I think I have passed the satisfying part with all the time I have been unsuccessful. All part of the learning curve I guess. Yesterday, I got closer, but the computational time for Carbide Create was mind boggling slow. I now have the toolpaths set into 3 groups with the peg holes in 2 groups of 225 holes. The simulation appears to work. I’ll try a test cut next.

Thanks Will,
I have had some success breaking the toolpath files into snaller groups and disabling the non peg hole files while computing the peg holes. I did group the holes into entities of about 30-40 holes each. I also reduced my hole depth. It seems this should be a lot simpler. Computationally, I am guessing there are a significantly larger number of values being generated on a 3D scenic profile you see on some cribbage boards. I was hoping to get there but now I’m questioning how that will be possible without major effort.



Even though I was using a different path to get to the gcode (Inkscape to I got into the habit of grouping my cribbage holes into 10 point groups (20, 30, or 40 holes depending on the players) because during my first winter with my SO3 I was having a lot of disconnects due to many reasons:

the dry air in my shop
lack of grounding the SO3 and router
lack of “anti-nuisance vacuum hose” and its grounding

So when it would invariably disconnect, I could easily locate within a few holes where it needed to pick back up again.

I did solve my disconnect issues and the last time I had one ( the first in over a year) I had was due to not grounding the vacuum hose and accidentally touching it and the SO3 at the same time.

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Thanks MadHatter,
I’ll keep your comments in mind as I grow into this learning Catbide 3D…