Culprit For Occasional Depth of Cut Issues?

From time to time i have problems with my machine cutting a little deeper then programed and I’d really like to sort out why its happening. Machine is a pro xl with the z plus the machine comes with. Basically the issue is from time to time my cuts go a little deeper then i expect them to. For example, i’ve been cutting out the same ornament a few times, tweaking the design aspect slightly each time in a attempt to carve it as cleanly as possible. First 2 I did came out a little rough but no depth issues, everything cut as expected. The third time I noticed the vcarving was going a little too deep and when CM switched over to the pocket operation for the final cut out, the pocket operation cut through the stock before the final contour pass started. I ended up stopping the operation before it finished so it didn’t cut through my wasteboard. Each time the Z is zeroed from the top of the stock using the paper method. Stock is being held done with tape and glue. Using the bitsetter for tool changes. Any thoughts as to what may be causing the issue?

Possible causes:

  • discrepancy between setup in file and on machine, see: Unexpected Z-Axis Plunges
  • tool or some other aspect of the machine slipping
  • lost steps on retract due to a mechanical issue
  • lost steps on retract due to a wiring issue
  • error in the firmware/software

If it’s recurring, try capturing it on video?

I had the same thing happen shortly after I assembled mine. One cause is the bit slipping in the collet, second is skipped steps caused by either excessive feed rates, or as in my case, intermittent connections from the connectors. After I eliminated the connectors for the Z axis motor, I haven’t had the problem since.

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