Custom Guitar - Shapeoko XL

Hey all,

Latest build for a customer. Body and neck routed on a Shapeoko XL (2 pieces), as well as the pickguard and holes in the brass string anchors (a drawer pull).

100% re-purposed wood and materials!



Love love love the repurposed drawer pulls – great idea!!

How much handwork was left to do after the XL cut out the neck?


Not too much. Some light shaping/sanding and drill for truss rod. Machine did most of the heavy work.


How long did it take to rout the body and then the neck on the shapeoko?
I’m thinking if buying an XL for this purpose, wondering if it’s undersized?

Nice work, Fred. Just got my Shapeoko XXL in the spring, and I’ve put it to work cutting bodies, routing for PUPs, machining holes (accurately placed and sized), cutting pickguards, and some small inlay work. So far, it’s lived up to my expectations. My next step is to try to learn 3D so I can design and cut more consistent necks, radius fretboards, etc. Any suggestions on CAD software for neck design?

Welcome, Mike. I got my XXL mainly for guitar work. I bought the XXL specifically because it has the cut dimension to allow for neck making. The XL will work for bodies, but doing necks would be a stretch, I think. I think a guitar neck might just fit, but if you try to do a bass, it’s gonna be pushing it. For the extra $200 or so for the XXL, you won’t be sorry.

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Note that you can slightly increase the X working area of a machine by upgrading to the (narrower) HDZ.

Great looking guitar. The last guitar I made I found some metal compass points I put under the knobs and over the wiring access hole in the back.

Thanks! I appreciate it

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