Cut time on design


Not sure what I am doing wrong.
This design is showing just over 5 hours to cut.
1mm bit, 0.5mm cut depth on inside shapes, depth pass 0.5mm 1500mm feed rate.

Outside is ok at 10 mins cut depth 2.6 mm, 1mm per pass, 1500mm feed.

I have attached file.

thanksconfused.c2d (587.2 KB)

Hi @cnc-life,

I took a look at your file, and the reason it is awfully slow is because the toolpath has lots of retract/plunge moves AND your plungerate is set to an incredibly slow 12mm/min


It looks like your plunge feed rate is too slow. Try something like 300 mm/min instead of 12.7 mm/min.

@Julien beat me to the answer by a few seconds…

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Also, what actual RPM are you going to be using ? the file shows 1968RPM, but that is not possible.
With such a tiny endmill, we need to make sure your feeds and speeds are correct to avoid a possible tool break

ok, thats it, just upped that and its doing it in 10 mins :slight_smile:

Knew I had done something wrong


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thanks rowiac, forgot to adjust that.

The 1500 mm/min feed rate seems fast for a 1 mm end mill along with a very large 1.0 mm DOC for the profile cut. I’d start with a 0.25 mm DOC and 1000 mm/min and 18000 rpm, assuming soft wood.

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yes its soft wood. Not much more than balsa wood.
I did a load of cuts today on it at feedrate of 1500mm / 1mm DOC, with no problems but not saying thats right, just it worked out.

Thanks for advice on speed, I had it at that speed or fractional higher.

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