Cutrocket obfuscated file names

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I have noticed all the projects on Cutrocket have obscure file names. For instance when I download and unzip the Shapeoko 5 Pro flattening project file I get:
For something like this with one file, it is pretty obvious, With some projects there are multiple files all individually obfuscated.

If I create a project with, perhaps “left.c2d” and “right.c2d”, how do I keep it from mangling the names?


At a guess, in order to ensure that all files are unique, these filenames are automatically created from a GUID (or something along those lines).

You can rename the file to anything you like once you figure out what it does.

That’s the problem. Any documentation I would include would refer to the “left” and “right” names and the person downloading the project would have to guess which is which. They would then need to do the renaming.

I guess it would be possible to include a design element on a locked layer that has the text “left” or “right” like a watermark.

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