Cutrocket project

I have uploaded a project to
The project name is: BitSetter Splitter PCB Enclosure

It was downloaded 90 times then disappeared from the site.

I can see the project if I log-in to

After it disappeared from the site it has been downloaded several times. But from where ?

Since does not appear to offer a search function I have looked through all 379 projects but have not seen it. An interesting but not productive exercise.

I have posted this issue to the Carbide3d support desk but only received the acknowledgement of the request and one further response but with no resolution.

Has anyone been able to see the BitSetter Splitter PCB Enclosure project and if so where was it - ie. which category. Orignally it was in the Electronics category.

Thanks, Bill

I used the following in my search engine: BitSetter Splitter site:

The result included the following links:



Thanks for finding this posting with your Internet search engine.

This may explain how people are finding and downloading it.

My question is has anyone found it in the listing.


That would be a question for @edwardrford and the folks who manage Cutrocket.


You had responded to this issue via e-mail and I sent information about the missing project. Apparently it got lost in the pipeline :slight_smile:

I will resubmit directly to the link you provided.

Thanks, Bill

@72begin - Hey Bill, that’s pretty cool. Have you posted it here in the Community? I searched but have only found this page so far.


Use the link Tex found for now.

I sent a message to Edward Ford asking for assistance in getting this back up on

I’ll keep the community updated.


@edwardrford while we are talking about Cutrocket- is there any chance that they can add simple search and filter functionality (latest upload, most viewed, etc). It would make the site so much more valuable


I added that request to my message to Edward.

At 379 posts currently and growing this would be beneficial.


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