Cutter Did Not Respond - Requires Reflash to Run

Having a challenge since I recieved the machine, figured I was doing something wrong … haven’t figured it out

Order of operations:

  • (1) Start laptop (Win10)
  • (2) Start Shapeoko3
  • (3) Wait for Shapeoko to boot
  • (4) Open Carbide Motion
  • (5) Connect to Cutter … Connects
  • (6) Initialize Machine
  • Then I get an error “Cutter Did Not Respond” and I can’t get anything after this

Now …
If I run Carbide Updater between ops 3 and 4 - the whole process works no issue, machine responds, jogs, runs jobs, no issue … but every time I turn off/on the Shapeoko I need to run this step

Looking for any ideas of where I am going wrong here …

Please accept our apologies, and contact us at — your board has an out-of-spec part which needs to be removed — if you’re not handy w/ a high temperature soldering iron we’ll swap out the board. Let us know.


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