Cutter looses connection on new board

Just installed new control board(old one was bad) and now I can get through 50-70% of project and cutter starts to stop for second here and there then looses connection. checked plugs, they seem to be fine. I am going to buy new usb right now so thought id see if anyone else was having problem. I’m using latest version of carbide motion as of last Saturday.

List of things to try here:

Try what you’re comfortable w/, and if you still have issues contact and they’ll get it right.

if you have a galvanic isolator try removing it. I got disconnects with the v2.3 board with t in, removed it and no longer experienced disconnect.

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Pardon my ignorance. Galvonic isolator?

It is a USB isolator recommended for pre v2.3 Carbide Motion PCB controllers. The v2.3 controller had many improvements over the v2.2 PCB, most notably the addition of TVS diodes on the USB lines

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is that the metallic bar that the board rests on?

No, the metallic bar the board rests on is a heat sink.

A galvanic/USB isolator is a third-party device which you would have purchased separately and plugged-in in-between the controller and the computer in the hopes that it would mitigate static interference and such disconnects. It is listed as one of the options at the link which provided.

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I had the same issue and simply grounding the chassis of the CNC body fixed it.

Plugged in the router to different power source. So far so good. Ran one file with no problems…crossing my fingers.