Cutter move speed

I am using CM364. When hit the start button, the cutter move very very slow from the top to the work piece and begin to cut. I would like to know how do I set it so it will move down quicker?

Sounds like you haven’t done your required training:

Cutter feeds and speeds are covered.

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How fast (or slow) your tool approaches the part is covered by the plunge rate. I usually keep mine close to my regular feed rate, but on harder materials, you’ll want the plunge rate to be slower.

Have a look at this screenshot to see where you can adjust the plunge rate:

Notice my plunge rate is lower for the rough cut, due to heavier cuts. On my finish pass, I have left only .010 material, so the feed and plunge are the same. It’s a great way to cut machining time, especially if you are using small step-overs to get a better finish.

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