Cutter not found

Hey guys, I went to use my Nomad 883 Pro today and got “Cutter not found”. For some reason it won’t register as a USB device. I’ve tried power cycling it, my Mac, reset PRAM on my Mac, changed cables…nothing.

I had just used it the night before without any issues.

Any ideas?

See if you can reflash it?

Might need to load a sketch to clear the EEPROM.

I’m not sure I can, but that’s a good thought. It’s not even registering as a USB device on my computer.

Yeah, can’t find the board to even flash. I’ve verified the USB port and cable I’m using by connecting it to another Arduino I have.

In that case, contact

How did you fix the problem? I think I’ve got the same problem. Did you get a “cutter not found”? My machine stopped and that popped up in the middle of a project.

We have your ticket and someone will be working w/ you as quickly as we can to get you up and running.

Perfect, thanks. I just installed my replacement controller and may have ruined it again.

Hi Will,

I know this an old post but searching forum for some help.

We got our new router and installed it. In the middle of a job, it stops and says “Cutter unable to cut”. When I try to reconnect, cutter won’t connect. I have to force quit motion and reset. Sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn’t.

This has happened all morning with multiple jobs. Do you think it could be the adapter? Again, ran a ton of stuff previously without this issue. I also got a USB extension cord so I can be a fair distance from the machine. Could that be the problem too? That’s fairly new, but I did run some jobs successfully.

Thoughts? TIA

Yes, the adapter could be a problem — the Apple USB-C–A adapter is known to work well, and I’ve had good luck w/ an Insignia brand one from Best Buy.

We recommend only a 6’ (2M) cable length — folks have managed better using powered hubs and active cables/repeaters, but that’s not supported.

Contact us at — it’s most likely EMI.

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Hey Will - thanks for the reply. yeah, I was pretty sure that was it. This adapter is a cheapie and we’ve had a long time…before the machine. Plus it’s very warm when running.

And onto another problem. Ugh. Having a hell of a time with my new bittsetter. Pretty sure I have it installed correctly. Did it twice after reinstalling Carbide Motion. Wrote is all out (what happens) with screenshots, etc. Going to look at youtube videos tonight as well. I have it disabled as of now and it’s working fine now. Sure it’s user error! LOL!