Cutters 501 and 502 engraving bits

Purchasing engraving cutter 501 and 502. My question is when using the probe would I probe like using a v bite? Where x and y are probed with a regular bite and the z is probed with the v bite?

What are you engraving?

Going to be doing some fine work on an emblem

Do you really need to probe XY?

The touch probe is not designed for Vee bits. You can use for the Z but the sharp point may dig into the probe. The X and Y probe do not work because the widest part of the probe is measured and not the center like on a straight bit like a 201. When probing a 201 the touch probe knows it is a quarter of an inch and calculates the center offset by 1/8 of an inch. With a Vee bit it cannot calculate the center of the bit and the instructions for the probe tell you not to use Vee bits. The Vee bit could be turned and the widest part of the Vee bit may not touch the probe. A straight bit is the same diameter the offset can be calculated.

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No I could just touch off on the corner. But since I have a prob that what I usually use. When using a v bite i probe XY and then change to the v bite and probe z. My thought was using an engraving bit would be the same as a v bit. But just wanted to check with the experts. Turns out this time I was correct. Thank you all

If it is a vbit or engraver with a cutting diameter the same size as the shank and a short enough flute length, I think you could probe xyz on the corner by selecting the appropriate diameter from the drop down list and it would work just fine

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