Cutting a Series of U - Channels

I realize this is more of a Vcarve question but my brother is requesting something leatherworkers call a “rounding block” which is essentially a bunch of U channels of varying width. As I research it this seems to be much more difficult than I imagined unless I invest in a set of rounded bits. I can use other software if need be. In vcarve it looks like I have to treat it like a “molding.” Any suggestions?

If you have Carbide Create Pro this is easily done:


rouding_block_sample.c2d (22.6 KB)

Ok. Very cool. Guess I’ll have to sign-up for the 14 day trial. Does it generate regular gcode these days or it still tied to the Carbide back end?

It should make G-Code you can send to a machine using any G-Code sender.

Sorry Will. I am clueless on Create and so far I can’t figure out how to get something that looks like your model using a standard Carbide Ball Nose and pine stock (3/4 or 1"). Any chance you could post a screen shot or a file with the pathing filled in?

This isn’t an option in the standard version of Carbide Create — it requires Pro.

To do this sort of thing in Carbide Create you would either need tools which match the desired diameter or you would need to do it manually.

I wrote a bit about modeling such curves using smaller ball-nosed endmills here:

Yes I am running the 14 day Pro Trial which I believe is fully functioning. I tried using a 101 and both the Pocket and Profile toolpath types and neither produced the result like viewed in the model picture you posted. I mostly just need to know the pathing step(s) because I know vcarve fairly well but not Create.

Draw geometry which extends past what you wish to cut and assign a roughing pass:

then a finishing pass:

if desired additional finishing passes:


rounding_block_sample.c2d (33.8 KB)

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