Cutting acrylic sheet (2.5mm thick)

First attempt with a 2-flute straight bit I knew it would gum up and sure enough. Set my router to about 18k rpm and 20 ipm. I’ve got other bits to try. 2-flute, 3-flute, 4-flute up cut but before I do that let just ask. Is cutting in acrylic going to need an o-flute bit? and faster travel like 30+ ipm?

0 flute is best. But your feed rate is about 100 ipm low. That’s why your gumming up. Acrylic cuts FAST. I run a 0 flute at 18000 or slower, and 120ipm. Cuts CAST acrylic beautifully. I have never tried extruded acrylic but I have heard it is not near as good.

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Thanks for your time Charles…

The nice thing about your straight bit is it doesn’t exert any force up or down. If it’s nice & sharp it should leave very little burr.
I think you can slow the RPM down as well. With a 1/4" I go 8000 & at least 60 IPM, but usually end up bumping the feedrate up. With a 1/8" tool, 12000 RPM & same feedrates.
I also brush my bit with some lubricant, tap-magic, parafin or silicone spray before each cut.

I’ve got some 1/8 inch 0-flute bits on order. I’ll be checking out a full spectrum of speed and feed to get my arms around acrylic. At the same time aluminum.

As the above suggested you are going too slow. Acrylic melts at a very low temperature. So the slower (IPM) you go the more heat builds up. The O flute is the preferred bit for acrylic but a 2 flute bit will work with the proviso @Tod1d stated. The more flutes the hotter the acrylic gets so you have to increase speed with shallow depth of cut. If you take a pic lighter you can melt acrylic. If you hold the bic lighter up to wood or alum you might get some smoke but it does not melt.

So go faster.

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