Cutting air about 1" above project

I’ve been somewhat sucessful last few project but now that I’ve put in a 9degree v bit and zeroed tool manually it cuts an inch above… What am I doing or not doing? LOL

Where is the zero for your project set? In case you zeroed from the top instead of the bottom. :worried:


Double check you have your material thickness set accurately as well.

I think that was the problem going out to check. thanks.

Yes Sir you nailed it. Thanks for quick response… Once I read it… I said to myself… this is going to be embarassing. LOL truly appreciate you sir.

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:innocent: :innocent:
We have all been there. I myself go there many times.

There is nothing embarrassing about making mistakes. We all make them. Luckily your mistake did not cost you any treasure. It is not likely that you will repeat that.

You are correct. Thanks.

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