Cutting Carbon Fiber Quad frames

I quit building/flying FPV quads 5 or so years ago. Didn’t really like the video quality nor flight times of 4-6 minutes.

Things have changed. Digital video is here as well as DIY lithium ion batteries as opposed to LiPo’s.

Dave C has shared some outstanding designs on Thingiverse I’ve cut and built one, the mini long range 5” and cut parts for another, the Bando Bastard.

Just thought I’d share. Love my SO3 Xl!


I’ve not cut much CF yet to judge life. But at $1.85 each I don’t really care :blush:


These are pretty cool. I had a couple of DJI drones over the years but quickly get bored unless I can tinker…

Did you buy the electronics as a kit?

Dave C includes a components list with his designs. Or, you can go to For examples/parts lists of all of Dave’s builds.

…get bored unless I can tinker…

You’ll be in tinker heaven if you start building your own quads.


Do you do anything special about the carbon fiber dust created? My machine is in the house so I have been afraid to try cutting carbon fiber.

In another thread I started I got a lot of advice, Carbon Fiber milling

My machine is in an enclosure and set up with a PWNcnc dust boot feeding a dust deputy/shop vac. That seems adequate for occasional CF cutting.

There is some dust packed into the cuts but it is easily removed once you pull the parts.


That’s awesome! @Griff

On another note, how do you feel about Remote ID? I just got into FPV a few months ago and have a couple 2.5"ers to blast around the house and outside.

You gonna go sub250? I’ve been designing an aero 3" frame amd want to make a mold for a carbon forging.

You got me at carbon forging…?

Remote ID? Not much I can do about that, Big Brother is protecting us (?).

Size wise, as long as I can fit minimum 5” props and the motors to spin ‘em that’s my choice.

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Remote ID… I’m Part 107 because I drone professionally, but I’m a fan of Remote ID. I often hear Remote ID opponents say that they want anonymity and not to be told what to do. I want pilots to be responsible for their actions. I want to know if there are other aircraft in the air near me so that I don’t lose my equipment or hurt somebody. I would love drones to be able to auto-avoid each other so that they would “never” hit.

Of course, Remote ID could be used improperly by Govt people, but the safety benefits are significant.


To be fair, when the RID NPRM came out it was much tougher than the new rules. It doesn’t seem so bad right now but…i still don’t like the idea of just anyone being able to realtime access pilot information and location. Part 107 is a different beast, but recreational fliers shouldn’t have crazy rules.

@Griff you really got me wanting to build up a 5". Thanks for sharing. I was thinking forged carbon part using a compression mold.

@Vince.Fab gotta do it man. After myriad headaches finally got off the ground today. It’s a solid frame.
Tuned a bit. Then got 21 minutes leisurely flying on a diy li ion 4s. Pretty cool.


Interesting. Why so? Not even to prevent accidents and know who’s reckless? [quote=“Vince.Fab, post:12, topic:29446”]
anyone being able to realtime access pilot information and location

It’s fair to say that the initial rules were a possible overreach, but that’s why there are comment periods. So success then. :wink:

“Recreational flyers” are still pilots and belong in measures to keep the rest of us safe. This accident was caused by a recreational flyer who flew after dark, beyond line of sight, hit a Blackhawk helicopter in a no fly zone after running the battery low enough forcing a return to home and quietly went home when it didn’t show up.

Another…flew into commercial airspace above the clouds and ran out of battery on the way back, crashing near a neighborhood.

ANYWAY…I’m in awe of your aluminum milling. Truly incredible what you can do with these tools. Sorry for jumping in on this tangent. :crazy_face:

@Griff unless I missed in this thread… can you share the settings you used with these bits on CF sheet?

Sure, 20k, 50 ipm, 3mm DOC.