Cutting Color Kore

I am trying to cut color kore with a single flute endmill and it leaves “fuzzies” in the middle.
I am using an Amana 1/8” bit at 20,000 rpm running 100 ipm with 20% step over.
Any information would be appreciated

Sometimes just changing the stepover slightly will do it.

What depth of cut/how many passes are you taking ? You may benefit from a final pass with very limited depth of cut, that will just “clean-up” the bottom. This is easily done by setting depth per pass to be a hair less than the total depth divided by the number of passes you want. e.g. if you want to cut 0.1" deep in 2 passes, set depth of cut to 0.045", it will do 2 passes at 0.1" depth and 1 final pass at 0.01" depth that will hardly cut anything, so it’s likely that it will remove the fuzzies and…not create new ones


My finish depth is.087 and I am cutting it in 2 passes to get the finished size and depth.
I will try making another tool path a hair deeper to see if it will clean it up.

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